FAQ,s for school real estate portal:

1. Why School Ventures? How are we different from others?

With its dedicated and one-of-its-kind School Real Estate PortalSchool Ventures assists in connecting buyers to sellers  with a scientifically derived selling price based on various parameters, thereby ensuring sales and closure of the deal thus helping in  smooth transition of operations of the pre/K-12 school. 


2. What is the Procedure for Selling & Buying of Schools?

  • School Ventures will introduce the prospective buyers with school owners/ sellers
  • School Ventures will arrange the school visit for the inspection by the buyers
  • The buyer will have the freedom to choose among the listed school ads according to their budget & location
  • Professional guidelines and industry expert due-diligence for proper valuation of the school property & assets
  • School ventures will facilitate a face to face school sale deal negotiations between the seller and buyer to arrive at the right price deal.
  • School Ventures will help both the parties in drafting & signing the business transfer agreement on a E-stamp paper.
  • School Ventures helps both the parties in smooth transition of the ownership, ensuring  hassle free Buying & Selling of Preschools & K-12 Schools


3. How many years of experience do we have in school industry?

Our team have a cumulative experience of 30 plus years in the school industry


4. Do you help us in getting the property to set up a preschool?

Yes we do


5. Do you provide end to end support towards establishment of pre school ?

Yes. We hand hold the prospective investor right from suitability of the premises to successfully launch the year of school. This includes curriculum support too.


6. Do you help establishment of mainstream school (CBSE , ICSE ,IG ,IB and residential ) also.

We handle Turn Key projects in this field..comprehensive , end to end support and consulting services on retainership basis are our strong points.


7. Do you help us in getting the property to set up a K-12 School?

Yes we do


8. How do you evaluate a Preschool selling price?

The respective school owners who intend to sell the school have to furnish the correct and accurate data by filling School evaluation sheet. School Ventures will evaluate the same and assist the respective school owner to arrive the right & reasonable selling price


9. Does School Ventures help both the parties (Seller & Buyer) in preparing a business transfer agreement?

Yes we do


10. Do you deal with only Preschools sales?

No. We do deal with both Preschools and Mainstream Schools


11. How do you charge consultancy fee?

On each successful deal we will charge our consultancy fee


12. Do we have to pay for the listing of our schools?

No. You can list your school ads for free.