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School Ventures expertises in working with Individuals, Entrepreneurs & Institutions Turning Their Dreams Of Running A Pre-school & K-12 School To Reality, By Providing One Of Its Kind Unique End-To-End Services.

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1. What all does school ventures do?

School ventures services include: Turnkey school projects, School improvement approach, Project feasibility study for schools, School affiliation, Training and development, Vendor management, School audit and Buying and selling of Educational properties.

2. How much support can I expect from school ventures?

School ventures provides end to end school consultancy. We undertake turn-key projects and also work on specific needs of the school owner. The level of involvement depends on the need of the client.

3. What does end-to-end service encompass?

School ventures will provide handheld support from preparing Project feasibility report, ROI, Competitors, surveys, identifying a property suitable for school and helping in buying, leasing or acquiring the same through built to suit model. This association will continue till the school is up and functioning with good number of admissions.

4. How can you help an operational school?

School ventures conduct SWOT analysis to identify the areas which need improvement in the school. Then support us provided to improve that area and thereby increase the efficiency of the school system. The areas requiring improvement may be marketing reach, teacher enrichment etc.

5. What do you mean by Project feasibility report?

A Feasibility study is conducted before setting up of any school project. This study helps the promoter to scrutinize the practicality of school project in the identified location. It comprises of an on-site survey, market research, competitors survey, population analysis in the catchment area, and detailed ROI for 5-10 years. School Ventures helps Promoters & Corporates understand the viability of the project before they begin their investment. Such Scientific study will increase the probability of the success of the project.

6. What do you mean by Return on Investment calculation?

ROI directly measures the amount of return on investment, relative to the investment’s cost. This gauge of profitability is important to take informed decisions about the school project, change tactics and strategies to improve profitability and understand the project breakeven point

7. What do you mean by Academic Audit?

Academic Audit assesses the academic performance of the school faculty. By conducting the academic audit the strengths and the weakness of the system can be understood. Industry experts review of the academics will help to put in place a system through which the teachers and management will understand how to organise their work using the resources available to them to provide quality education in the best interest of the students.

8. How can you help me sell my operational preschool/K-12 school?

We have a dedicated and trusted edu real estate platform for Selling/Buying/ Renting/Leasing of all edu properties like preschool, K-12 schools. Colleges and Institutions. is a subsidiary of school ventures.

9. I am losing admissions, can you help me to fix the issue?

Yes, School ventures will conduct a through analysis to identify the issue and arrive at solutions to help improve admissions.

10. What are your charges?

Our consultation fees will be based on the type of service and the duaration of the service required by the school.

11. Can you get us CBSE/ICSE/IB/StateBoard or any other affiliation?

Yes we can help you get the required permissions from state government and State/CBSE/ICSE/IB affilaitions. School ventures also help preschool owners with the BEO permission for running the preschool.

12. Will you help me in starting a preschool?

School ventures will help a preschool acquire curriculum, books, toys, teacher training, Permission from the local authority Sand Branding and Marketing

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